New directions for living with pets

Since the PETIO brand established in 1986, the environment surrounding has been changing steadily and substantially. Our Petabit Corporation pets society has likewise experienced rapid changes in areas including infrastructure and distribution. To develop our business under such changing conditions, we must continually strive with a common spirit to innovate.
What we value most is our relationships with distributors and retailers,and our close communication with pet owners. What we are dedicated to is developing reliable, user‐friendly products, based on values shared with our customers, by taking into account shifting trends and thinking outside the box.
We also support new lifestyle, by furnishing products that envision certain life scenarios. We want people to more deeply appreciate how wonderful life with a pet can be, and add further appeal to that life.
Beyond that, what we aim for, as a leader in our industry, is a society with deeper harmony between pets and humans. Our beloved dogs and cats are irreplaceable members of our families. In that spirit, we are building the pet care industry of the future with new product options that support greater wellbeing for pets and their owners.

Takeshi Yamada
President and CEO