YAMAHISA aims to create a society where pets and people are happier together.

Pets are family members, irreplaceable partners who offer tranquility and perhaps encouragement to their human owners.
PETIO’s primary responsibility is to safeguard the lives of pets, thus the products we market are designed with safety and health in mind.
The mission of our business activities is to create a society where pets and people can exist in a more comfortable harmony.
We work tirelessly on the development of superior products to further realize this goal.

Thorough quality management a our ISO-certified Himeji Factory

Himeji FactoryThe PETIO Himeji Factory has earned certifications under the ISO 9001:2008
Quality Management Standards and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Standards.
The sanitation levels maintained here are comparable to facilities that process food for people.
The production lines use advanced automated systems that allow human operation as needed to ensure maximum product safety. The same rigorous quality standards are upheld at our partner factories outside Japan.

Pets are family. We are the custodians of their lives and health.
In the final food production process, a metal detector checks for metal fragments.
Human eyes ensure that no rejected products enter the distribution chain. Each production lot is monitored through our traceability system, and samples are stored for future verification so that the full quality is retained throughout the product’s shelf-life.

Staff members hold professional qualifications for pet and animal care

Many people in our division are certified by established professional associations or licensed under Japanese law as professionals in animal care or pet supply management.
Such specialized expertise is required for placement in many staff positions.

■Main qualifications held by staff of the PETIO
  • Certified Pet Feeding Manager
  • Licensed Animal Health Technician
  • Licensed Pet Nutritionist
  • Certified Pet Food Safety Manager
  • Certified Pet Product Manager
  • Trained Pet Groomer
  • Certified Household Dog Trainer

One of Petio’s most prized possessions

Online community
On the web, we maintain Petio Plaza, a comprehensive site for sharing information about pets. Submissions, product reviews and other comments from users provide excellent two-way communication, which also assists the division in developing new products.


Our potential lies in Japan’s steadily growing pet supply market.

The pet supply market in Japan, which encompasses pet food, care supplies and daily-use items, has grown to more than 400 billion yen per year. It continues to grow, showing unusual immunity to the general economic recession.
PETIO is proud to hold a predominant overall position in several market segments including pet food, daily living items, and toys.

■Rolled treats, pioneered by PETIO
A fast-growing segment of the pet supply market is treats, where PETIO has maintained a share in excess of 20%. Within the treats segment, jerky treats and rolled treats are the division’s strongest performers, with the largest shares in the industry.
Rolled treats