Brand Manifestation

Petio regards the pet care business as the "life industry",and we focus seriously, work conscientiously, and fulfill our obligation of gentleness.

Brand Platform

Brand Vision

[ The wold we would like to realize through the Petio Brand (Worldview) ] The role played by the Petio brand is "to create a society of coexistence where pets and people can live happily".

The phrase "pets and people can live happily" means that pets and people recognize each other's existence as an element of happiness, and the person who is the pet owner loves their pet as a partner in a better life. We believe that a society where pets can live out their lives in health and comfort can be realized by creating a society where pets and people can enjoy happiness. We at Petio intend to realize a "society of coexistence where pets and people can live happily" through our pet care business.

Brand MIssion

[ The mission to be carried out by the PETIO brand in order to achieve its vision ] The overall mission of the PETIO brand is to create an environment enabling participation in a society of coexistence where pets and people can live happily.

To achieve our brand vision, Petio has declared seven missions, and is actively working to carry them out.

Brand Value

[ Value to be offered by the PETIO brand in order to accomplish its mission ] The value offered by the PETIO brand shall function so that the life of coexistence between pets and people is healthy and comfortable, and shall be useful in creating an ideal environment, where pets and people can smile at each other, filled with happiness.

To carry out our brand mission, Petio offers three types of functional value, and five types of emotional value.

Brand Slogan

PetioThe brand slogan "Together Your Precious life"
accompanying our brand logo gives an easy-to-understand expression of Petio's resolve,as indicated in our Brand Manifestation.

"Responding to all types of life" means...
Pesponding to the cries of life,responding to the needs of life,responding to the desires of life,responding to the ideals of life,responding to the means of interacting with life,responding to the last moments of life,responding to the social nature of life...
And then Petio "Together Your Precious Life.TM"

PETIO brand  Origin of the PETIO brand

The brand name "Petio" was created as a new coinage,combining the word "Pet" with the sound of the suffix "-ino" which expresses something diminutive and cute in Italian,as in Italian words like "Bellino"(cute) and "Carino"(pretty).

Created in this way,"Petio" contains the message,which must not be forgotten,that "for people,pets are a weak,small presence". It also expresses the desire of Petio's staff to "communicate that,as a member of the family,a pet is an important presence which teaches us about the gentleness,warmth,value and strength of 'life'."